All payer health plan insurance benefit information and eligibility verification 

All Payer Eligibility Verification and
Customizable Dashboard

ABILITY | COMPLETE puts you in the driver’s seat with an all-new workflow dashboard. You can assign and prioritize patients, payers and tasks, plus create free-form and payer-specific notes to more effectively manage multiple tasks. You can also set up and save your own custom filters and sorting options to ensure accounts receive proper follow-up and resolution.  With ABILITY | COMPLETE, your admissions process gets remarkably smoother with the ability to filter eligibility benefit information by user group or individual user, including alerts if other insurance is detected. Batch features allow you to enter multiple patients and check multiple payers – all in one quick step.  You will:
• Better manage workflow with the customizable dashboard, including the ability to set up your own reminders and notes to staff in multiple locations
• Get increased efficiency and staff satisfaction with a single user interface for all eligibility verification to Medicare, Medicaid, and 400 commercial payers
• Have greater ease and control for the system administrator – configure payers, set up users, and determine user permissions
• Enhance your record-keeping with access to all eligibility transaction history




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ABILITY | COMPLETE Eligibility is delivering as promised and is a win for the staff, the hospital and the patients we care for."