All payer health plan insurance benefit information and eligibility verification

Claims Submission and Remittance Advice

for Medicare

With ABILITY | CHOICE you have a secure claims submission and corrections remittance advice solution enabling fast, automated processing and payment of claims for Medicare.

What if you could increase your staffing efficiency by having a single interface in which to upload Medicare claims and download your remittance advice, utilizing your existing high-speed internet connection?  What if you could increase your cash flow by having a more streamlined claims management process?  Would you save time by eliminating the manual batch uploading of Medicare claims and downloading remits with our server enterprise solution?  

We give you ABILITY so you now have choice.




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“I now spend more time on collections and problems with co-pays, directly contributing to the bottom line. It allows me to be so much more efficient.”


Kim Landry, Billing Specialist and Payroll Clerk, Home Health Care of Huntsville

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